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France has been associated with glamour and wealth for as long as there has been an international jet-set. However, wealthy foreign investors, property purchasers and especially those seeking to become fiscally resident in France are well advised to seek professional guidance from a firm such as the SCF Group BEFORE physically investing in or moving to France. The reason is that not only are French tax residents and (potentially) companies taxed on their worldwide income, but there also exist some of the most sophisticated anti-avoidance provisions in Europe as laid out in the French fiscal code or code general des impots (CGI). In particular, foreign French property purchasers intending to retire to France should be aware of both the ‘forced heirship’ and wealth tax provisions. In the case of forced heirship, this literally penalises those who do not distribute wealth to prescribed family members or in the way desired by the fiscal authorities whilst the wealth tax is an annual tax on on assets, which can become quite punitive. 


When purchasing a property in France the overall tax burden will involve a number of different taxes and be affected by a number of factors including whether the property is a new or resale property. In the case of the latter then the total costs and taxes will be between 7% to 10% of the purchase price excluding the estate agent fees. In the case of new builds, plus VAT/TVA @ 20% excluding any estate agent fees. As in the case of Spain, subject to various exemptions (the main one being the primary residence exemption), capital gains tax will be payable by a seller of a property with the standard rate being 19%. However, progressive surcharges apply for gains over €50,000.00, starting at 2% and rising to 6% for gains over €260,000.00. Worse still, social charges also apply with the standard rate being 17.2% meaning that technically, without any tax planning advice, the potential tax on a highly appreciating company exposure could be 42.2%. In precis, France is a jurisdiction that requires proper tax planning advice to be given before any purchase/investment including looking at the possibility of using designated property holding companies known as societes civile immobiliere (SCI’s).


Spain taxes resident individuals on their worldwide income with rates progressively varying from 19% to 47% with the thresholds being:

  • Up to €10,777.00 = 0%
  • €10,778.00 – €27,478.00 = 11%
  • €27,479.00 – €78,570.00  = 30%
  • €78,571.00 – €168,994.00  = 41%
  • More than €168,994.00  = 45%


The French Wealth Tax is an annual tax payable by both residents and, in many instances, also by non-residents.  The tax is based upon the net value of ones assets. The tax is progressive with the thresholds being:

  • from €1,300,000.00 to €2,570,000.00 = 0.7%
  • from €2,571,001.00 to €5,000,000.00 = 1.0%
  • from €5,000,001.00 to €10,000,000.00 = 1.25%
  • over €10,001,000.00 = 1.5%


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