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The SCF Group was originally established in 1989 by UK barrister Mr. B.M. Spencer-Higgins and his late Father John Spencer-Higgins. Today Mr. B.M. Spencer-Higgins still provides tax planning consultancy for both successful individuals recently arrived in the UK or considering relocating to the UK. In particular, his speciality is to ensure that any move is carried out in the most tax efficient way possible ensuring that hard earned family wealth is protected whilst also advising on how to legally protect assets in the highly litigious UK environment. For those who who arrived in the UK many years ago and were advised (correctly at the time) to purchase properties using offshore companies, advice can also be given on whether it is possible to de-envelope directly back to the original beneficial owner WITHOUT excessive Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) exposure: The reason property de-enveloping is now so important is because most properties owned by companies have become subject to a ‘new’ Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED), which can amount to tens of thousands of Pounds each year. However, as stated, for many individuals without advice, ATED cannot be avoided because of potential SDLT exposure that can itself amount to hundreds of thousands of Pounds! Finally, advice can also be given to companies and individuals trading and/or investing abroad. Unfortunately, the UK’s decision to leave the EU (BREXIT) has made it much more difficult to create tax efficient structures since the UK can no longer avail of the EU’s internal and constitutionally guaranteed directives and regulations. However, advice can still be given at relatively competitive rates including on how to establish companies within the EU with particular emphasis given to Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.

SCF Legal & Corporate Management Services Limited

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The SCF International  specializes in providing accountancy and management services for UK and Irish limited companies, UK & Irish company management services including the provision of (where necessary) domestic directors, domestic company secretaries, registered office address services, trading offices, value added tax (VAT) registration and management, payroll (Pay as You Earn PAYE), opening up and managing UK or Irish bank account facilities, raising  invoices and any and/or all other services required to establish a bone fide managed and controlled UK or Irish limited liability company.

Our in-house team of legally and accountancy qualified experts can also provide advice on current UK & Irish tax laws/provisions including anti-avoidance provisions, EU directives and regulations, the impact of BREXIT for both UK and EU based businesses and other relevant. In addition, where required the SCF Group can also set-up and arrange the management of companies in tax efficient EU based jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Luxembourg or Malta or indeed any jurisdiction in the world including those in the Middle and Far East.

Property de-enveloping services – In conjunction with leading UK firms of solicitors SCF can help transfer companies currently held by what were known as ‘offshore’ companies into either more tax efficient UK companies or directly back into the names of individual beneficial owners’ often without attracting stamp duty land tax (SDLT) but still avoiding the advance tax on enveloped dwellings (ATED).

Our fiscal migration and tax planning department is operated by qualified lawyers and accountants and can advise both domiciled and non-domiciled individuals on how to mitigate their individual and corporate tax exposure be it in the UK or abroad. Our legal & business department can provide specialized advice on all domestic and international tax planning issues but also upon ‘key’ issues such as asset protection be it in the form of trusts and private interest foundations (PIF’s). In particular, SCF can provide advice to those intending to relocate to the UK on how to do so in the most tax efficient way.