Privacy Policy

SCFLegal & Corporate Management Services Limited is a London based legal and corporate management firm which specifically provides as many of its management, nominee and trust facilities in-house or through trusted 3rd party lawyers and licensed trustees/corporate & foundation managers. Unlike other major tax planning firms SCF does not appoint international agents, as it is our belief that to do so could compromise our clients confidentiality.

Application of our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

This Policy applies to all website visitors, including those who have completed our online forms, telephoned, faxed or otherwise communicated with our offices and/or otherwise seek to use our website resources, information, newsletters etc. save those who are already clients who are governed by our general terms and conditions and/or any specific management and/or trust instruments that may apply. 

Websites covered by this Privacy & Confidentiality Policy  

Links to Non-SCF Websites

SCF does not endorse or make any representations about 3rd party websites. Where a link is provided from our website it is done in good faith but SCF is not responsible for the content, accuracy or otherwise of such 3rd party websites and in particular the Privacy & Confidentiality Policy herein will not apply. It is always recommended that you review the privacy policy of any website you visit before submitting any personal information.

Browsing our SCF Websites

Unless one of our online forms is completed and submitted or a visitor telephones or otherwise makes contact with SCF, we shall not collect or retain any personal data from browsers who view our websites.

Our servers may seek to place a ‘cookie’ on your computer so that we may track statistics relating to new and repeat visitors and other information but which is not personally identifiable to your computer. A ‘cookie’ is data placed on a user's hard drive containing information that allows unique website visitors to be identified for the purposes of analyses. This use of a ‘cookie’ in no way compromises your confidentiality and should you wish, you can delete such ‘cookies’ without any effect on your website browsing experience

Treatment of Personal Information

Once you complete an online form or communicate with us in any way, SCF staff and consultants will collect personal data from you, communicate with you and use such data to facilitate the supply of SCF products and services. It should be noted, that this might result in data being passed onto 3rd party firms and organisations for services such as shipping and other necessary 3rd party providers. The personal data we collect may include that relating to contact information (name, address and telephone number etc.); identity information (such as passport number, nationality & birthplace) and other such similar information required to supply our products and services.

Online Newsletters

All website visitors who have completed an online form and all existing clients will automatically receive a SCF Newsletter informing them about major tax planning, company formation and SCF related news and information that we believe will be of assistance. Any recipients of our Newsletters can terminate the receipt of our Newsletters simply by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every SCF Newsletter.

Confidentiality & Your Personal Information

SCFLegal & Corporate Management Services Limited is very aware of the need to ensure confidentiality relating to all information supplied and has, in situe, strict administration and management methods aimed at preventing any unauthorised use of such information.

Website Membership, Information Accuracy and Access

All website visitors who have completed a SCF online form and/or questionnaire will be automatically ascribed an email related username and an automatically generated password. The purpose of this is to allow website members to auto-fill questionnaires and forms in the future and also to have access to a number of free legal forms, newsletters etc. If Members information has changed he or she can update such information by accessing the Members Area. Website Membership can also be cancelled by going into the Members Area.

The SCF Non-Sharing & Disclosing Personal Information Policy

The personal information and data collected by SCF is used only for the purposes described and is never sold, lent or leased to 3rd parties save as required by law.

Amendments to our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Should we deem it necessary or desirable to amend, update or otherwise our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy we shall give at least 30 days notice both within this section and by putting a notice on our Newsletters save as may be required by law.

Contacting Us

Should you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us by clicking here