An introduction to The SCF Group

Accountancy – Our Team

Friendly & Dedicated to Your Business Needs

The SCF Accountancy Division is headed by Steven Shen BA (Hons), MBA and Alexis Demetriou B.Sc(Hons), Acc, ACCA and have many years’ worth of experience in helping all types of businesses satisfy all their accountancy, tax planning and business development needs. As joint Heads of the Accountancy Department Steven and Alexis have specifically adopted a dynamic approach to accountancy and tax planning and have specifically selected their certified accountants, management accountants and business consultants both for their professional attitudes and friendly pro-active approach, which we feel will be immediately apparent.

In particular, no matter whether you are a domestic UK accountancy client or an international corporate tax planning client, the Accountancy Department will treat you with equal respect knowing that virtually every large corporation was once a small business start-up.

For further information on our accountancy and tax planning (both domestic and international) services please contact our new business manager Steven Shen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.