Banking and Credit Cards

Banking & Card services

The SCF Group has a wide range of banking and credit/debit card services it can offer its corporate clients, including online banking, investment advice and/or any other banking services that may be required for their managed or non-managed company. The banks that we recommend will often depend on the intended use of a company and its location but as a general rule it is advisable that banking and management and control correlate so that for instance a company managed in the Republic of Ireland has a major Irish clearing bank as, at least, its main bank. The reason, especially for trading companies is that the location of banking is one of the factors that organisations such as the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) deem important in establishing proper local management and control and hence by definition securing the sought after fiscal benefits. Notwithstanding this, provided all other necessary aspects of management and control are in place, it is very often possible to provide ‘protector’ status to non-resident beneficial owner’s and even personal company credit/debit cards. However, in all circumstances proper banking due diligence procedures will have to be followed.

Personal Credit & Debit cards

In certain circumstances it may be desirable or indeed necessary for representatives of a company to have their own individual cards with existing SCF clients having the following advantages:

The Advantages

  • Automatic pre-clearance for SCF Clients
  • Corporate name only on company card option – recommended in locations where identity fraud risks are high such as in Sub-Saharan Africa or Eastern Europe/Russia
  • Multiple users possible
  • Full range of Maestro/Visa Debit, ATM, Point of Sale and Internet Transaction Card services available
  • Available in Euro, US$ & uUK£ denominations
  • Premium Silver, Gold & Platinum Cards also include credit/charge card facilities
  • No annual SCF bank account charges
  • Maximum confidentiality
  • US$ sums cleared in germany
  • Useable throughout the world
  • Premium Cards have personal accident & medical aid insurance
  • Providing private banks have virtually no exposure to Euro debt
  • Bespoke & concierge services available


For more information on the banking and financial instrument services the SCF Group can arrange please contact an SCF Consultant.